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Capital Improvements Coming to St. Matthew

Parents/Guardians, there are many fantastic capital improvement projects taking place over the summer months at St. Matthew. All of the flooring in our classrooms is being replaced, our FDK play space will be undergoing phase 2 of its renewal, our learning commons will be receiving a make over to better suit the needs of our students and the 21st Century Learning model and our roof is being replaced. As a result, beginning Monday June 19th there will be several large containers on the school property that will hold necessary supplies and tools for these projects. A lot of thought and planning was given to the placement of these containers to minimize the inconvenience to our playground and to ensure student safety. Having said that, I have asked all staff to please keep students away from these while they are playing outside. I kindly ask that as parents, you deliver the same message to your children.

Thank You

Paul Mendonca, Principal

St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School

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