School Council is organizing a staff appreciation breakfast for Tuesday, May 7th.  This date coincides with National Teacher Appreciation Day, and is during Catholic Education Week, making it a good day to acknowledge all the amazing staff at St. Matthew School!

This event relies on contributions of food items from the school community. We are looking for contributions of items such as: fruit tray, veggie tray, baked goods, bagels & cream cheese, croissants, meats, cheese tray, salads or anything else that makes for yummy breakfast food!

Some important notes:

  • Contributions are to be brought to the school (front doors) at 7:45am on May 7th.
  • Absolutely NO EGG-BASED FOODS are allowed, due to an allergy.  Eggs within baked goods are fine, but an egg-based dish (quiche, scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, etc.) cannot be served.
  • Send items in a recyclable container if possible. If you need your dish back please clearly label with your name, and plan to pick it up later in the day.
  • There are over 50 staff members at the school.  You do not need to bring enough for all, the aim is a wide selection with lesser amounts of each.

Please email by May 5th if you are able to contribute an item, indicating what you will bring.