Headstart is a two day, Gr. 8 orientation program that offers students a sneak peek into the academic, physical and social realm of high school!  The program is still offered in-person with a reduced schedule, with COVID-19 cleaning protocols in effect. Headstart is offered Wed and ThursAug 26/27 OR Mon and TuesAug 31/Sept 1. 

Learn to:

  • Open your lock / find your locker
  • Follow your timetable, find your classes and meet your new peers who will join you – ahead of time
  • Navigate around other parts of the school and how to access people resources
  • How to physical distance in a school setting
  • What does in-class, online and remote learning look like in a high school setting
  • Feel a part of a new school community before the first day of school

NOTE: If the Ministry of Education, Waterloo Catholic District School Board and local Public Health authorities do not deem it safe to host this program, HeadStart could be cancelled with little notice.

Please visit the link below for further information and registration.  Students do not need to re-register if they have done so already.  Registration closes June 19th.