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Learning Advantage Program

Dear Parents/Guardians,

There is a truly Canadian program that will assist in your child/children’s learning over the upcoming summer. These books are different from any others because they are not American adaptations: more than the fact that they teach about Canadian social studies, measurement units, money and spelling, they are committed to Canada’s multi-cultural mosaic. The graphics and the names that are used in questions and examples reflect this commitment.

The Learning Advantage program, which is 100% created by Ontario teachers for Ontario students, enhances what happens in your child’s classroom, both in terms of content and approach. The accompanying order form describes the Learning Advantage program, and invites you to consider the purchase of one or more books for your family.

If you are looking for resources for:

  • Summer learning
  • retaining information learning throughout the school year and to build on that over the summer months
  • to alleviate boredom for academically engaged students
  • giving your child a head start on future themes and concepts
  • remedial help;
  • extended absence for vacation or illness

Please visit the Learning Advantage website, to take a tour of these books, particularly the one which focusses on your child’s grade. You’ll find that the books are very student-friendly, with interesting and attractive activities instead of mindless drill. It is recommended that you purchase the grade they will be entering in the fall.

When you visit the web site, you will see that you can order the books directly online, but the order forms that have been sent home with your child will save over $6 per book.

Please have all order forms summited back to the school no later than Thursday, May 31st. If paying by cheque, please make cheque payable to Learning Advantage.

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