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June 2018

Dear Parents/ Guardians:

Over the next several weeks, our students and staff will be participating in several emergency practice drills to continue to promote student and staff safety at St. Matthew school. These exercises are practice only. Please take some time to discuss this with your children so they are prepared when we take part in these at school. We will be conducting the following types of practice drills: Lockdown, Hold and Secure,

Shelter in Place and Tornado drills.

A Lockdown situation can take on the various scenarios:

  • “Lockdown”: Will be used if there is a major incident or threat of violence within the school or in relation to the school; i.e. intruder
  • “Hold and Secure”: Will be used when it is desirable to secure the school due to an ongoing, unrelated situation outside the school i.e. bank robbery
  • “Shelter in Place”: Will be used when it is necessary to hold all occupants inside a school to protect them from external situations i.e. chemical spill


Thank You,

Paul Mendonca