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May 2017 School Council Minutes

St. Matthew Catholic School Council Meeting Minutes

Date: May 2, 2017                                                            Location: Staff Room

Present: Dana (co-chair), Adriana (Co-chair and Recorder), Paul (principal), Denise (treasurer), Kim, Jazmin, Amanda, Heidi, Laura

Regrets: Dawn, Barb

Welcome & Introductions:  Dana

Prayer: Paul

Approval of the agenda: Adriana & Dana

Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting:  Adriana and Dana

Spiritual Update: 

  • First communion went well.
  • Bible Camp has ongoing online registration
  • Confirmation will be June 3rd, 2017

Parish Website: For Mass Schedules, Parish News, Sacramental Preparation Schedules, and more:

Treasurer’s Report:

  • After expenses came out for Bingo Night, planned spending for $100 for teacher’s classroom supplies, we will have ~$1400 in Foundation account to carry over for next year; and ~$3000.00 in the general account. This does not include the $4500 set aside for the Kindergarten outdoor space improvements.
  • Discussed paying out expenses faster (right after event) to council members when they hand in their receipts to make tracking profit easier

New Business:

  • Staff Appreciation Breakfast: Will be on June 13th. Council members present to the meeting signed up to bring in a food item on the list Amanda provided. Dana will email out to the other Council members and the volunteers to see if more individuals would like to participate again. Food items should be at school by 7:45am. No eggs unless they are in a baked good. Eg. Muffins
  • School BBQ: Planning is well underway. Dana will email the rest of the Council members and the volunteer list to see if we can get some more volunteers to help Heidi. The missing sun shelters have been discovered in room 2. Patti-Jo also has the new ones at her house. So we have 4 all together now which can be set up. Carlos can attend to provide music and will need some shelter for his equipment. Instead of water bottles we will be asking the kids to bring their reusable water bottles and we will be getting crystal water jugs and stands. We will only have to pay for the water consumed – the dispenser rental is free. Police, 2 people from GRCA will attend. Will still try to get a fire truck. It will be 1 hour 11:35-12:35.
  • Tools for Life: Paul presented this program as an alternative to the John Howard Society that has been typically used. It is a program designed to teach children self-regulation and can be integrated at home even. Each classroom kit is about $300, and there are other resources that can accompany it. Program was designed by Kidsability. Need to determine training for the staff.
  • Childcan donation: Thank you received from council member Barb.
  • ProGrant: Arts express for Anxiety was chosen. Dana will apply. It is a full day program.
  • Open house for next year: Jazmin has contacted the food trucks. They are eager to participate again and it went well over all. Jazmin will organize a $5 meal for the staff with SWAT (about 30 individuals). Reminder to tell the beavertails truck to not have SKOR due to nut allergies. Letter to go out to parents again next year before event. We discussed possibly getting a 2nd dessert truck like ice cream instead of 1 dessert and 2 savoury.
  • Bingo Night – was a success. Had approx. 130 people attend.
  • Next Year fundraiser – It was decided we would stick with the DanceaThon model for next year’s fundraiser. Adriana will order one more cosmic store item to add to our current inventory. Adriana, Kim, Heidi and Laura will be organizing the event. More volunteers will be required

Future meeting dates:  (will try to change it to Mondays)

Monday Sept 11, 2017

Monday Oct 2, 2017

Next Year School Council Committee will decide on the remaining of the date for the meetings for next year

Next Meeting: Sept 11, 2017 6:30 staff room. September Newsletter/Newswire will be sent out in the new school year with an invite to the meeting.


Meeting Adjourned:   Adriana and Dana

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