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November Newsletter

Principal’s Message

As we approach the month of November let us take the time to reflect on all of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We have so much to be thankful for. St. Matthew C.E.S. staff and students will be taking many opportunities this month to reflect in appreciation for all of those who have gone before us in sacrifice.

Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called children of God!

(Matthew 5:9)

Remembrance Day Prayer

God of peace and love, on this 11th day of the 11th month we once again gather to remember. We remember that in Jesus of Nazareth you have called us to be people of peace saying, “Blessed are the peacemakers” and reminding us that we are to love our neighbour and our enemy as we love ourselves.

But we also acknowledge that there are times when we as a global community fail to live out those words, times when young men and women hear the call to don the uniforms of their country and serve under their flag. Today we give thanks for all who have chosen to serve their country. We give thanks for their bravery, their commitment, and their love.

But we know that when armies meet on the field there are always some who don’t come home. And so we pause in the memory of those who went and did not return.

Prayer for All Saints Day


EQAO Preliminary Results – Spring 2017


November Dates At A Glance


Student Safety

To ensure that our students are safe at all times, we ask that all drivers respect the rules of the road especially as they pertain to buses and students.



Winter Weather – Inclement Weather

Please ensure that your child is properly dressed for the colder months ahead. It is always a good idea to have an extra change of clothes handy in your child’s backpack or classroom in case they get wet. Please ensure that the winter essentials are with your child daily and that they have an indoor pair of shoes to wear.

Please note how school closures are announced to the public. If buses are cancelled or delayed in the morning due to icy roads or snowy weather, the following radio and television stations will be notified:

Toronto: CBC FM 99.1, CHFI FM 98.1, CFTR AM 680

Guelph: CJOY AM 1460, MAGIC FM 106.1

Kitchener: CKGL AM 570, CHYM FM 96.7

Please listen for WATERLOO REGION bus information and school closures

Bus Students

The STSWR website allows parents/guardians to subscribe and receive notifications about route delays, cancellations and school closures.

For Delays, Closures & Cancellations:


Click “Delays, Closures & Cancellations”

Click “Delays & Cancellations”

Bus cancellations are also communicated via local media (radio, television)

To Subscribe to E-mail Notifications for Route Delays and Cancellations and School Closures:


Click “Delays, Closures & Cancellations”

Click “Subscriptions”

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region at

519-650-4934 ext.221


School Bus Safety Rules

The following information is useful for school bus riders and their parents.

Rules for getting on the bus safely: 

  1. Be at the stop 5 minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time as per board policy.   Never run to or from the bus.
  2. Wait at the designated stop in a safe place well back from the side of the road.
  3. Remember the danger zone around the bus.  The danger zone is anywhere close enough to the bus to touch it.  The bus driver cannot see you when you are in the danger zone.
  4. If you cross the street to get on the bus:  when the bus comes, wait until it has come to a complete stop.  The bus driver will make sure that all the traffic stops.  The stop arm will be out and the red lights will be flashing.  Watch the driver.  When the driver knows it’s safe, he or she will signal you to cross, but watch for traffic yourself.  Walk, don’t run.
  5. Hold the hand rail as you get on the bus.  Don’t push or shove.

Rules for Safe School Bus Riding:

  1. Take your seat promptly and sit properly, facing forward at all times.
  2. Hold bags and parcels in your lap.  Do not stick your feet into the aisle, someone might trip.
  3. Keep your head and arms – everything – inside the bus.  Don’t throw anything out the windows or around the bus.
  4. Talk quietly.  The driver must concentrate to drive the bus safely.
  5. Save snacks for snack time at school or till you get home.  They may spill or you may choke if the bus goes over a big bump.
  6. No fighting, shouting or playing in or around the bus.
  7. Always follow the bus driver’s instructions.

Rules for Leaving the Bus Safely: 

  1. When you leave the bus, hold the handrail and take two large steps away from the bus and ten large steps ahead of the bus.
  2. Cross only when the driver gives a signal.  Cross the street in single file.
  3. If you drop something near the bus, don’t pick it up.  Tell the driver or other adult
  4. If everyone is getting of the bus, the people at the front leave first. Do not push.
  5. Be familiar with the rules for emergencies.


Literacy & Math Support

Saturday Skills Builder Grade 7 & 8


St. David CSS, St. Mary’s High School, St. Benedict CSS


October 14, 2017- April 28, 2018

Every Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (regular attendance optional, but strongly encouraged)

No classes: Dec. 23, 30, 2017; Jan. 6, Feb. 17, Mar. 17, 31, 2018


Online Registration: Sept 5, 2017 – April 2, 2018











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