Since September, the St. Matthew School Council has actively advocated for the replacement of the play structure that was destroyed by arson.  We are pleased to inform the school community that a new structure will be installed in Fall 2019!

The City of Waterloo and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board have both committed funds to the project, as the play structure will continue to be a space shared between the City of Waterloo and St. Matthew School.  In addition, St. Matthew School Council has voted to commit $10,000 to the project.  This school contribution to the project would not have been possible without the incredible dance-a-thon fundraising support from all of our school families.  Well done Wildcats!

In addition to the committed funds, members of school council and the neighbourhood are applying for grants from several sources.  If successful, the additional grant funding will add further capacity and more features to the new play structure.

Thank you to all community members who wrote emails in support of the re-build.  Your messages were passed along to the project team and the outpouring of community support was instrumental in propelling the project forward.

This spring, students, parents and members of the community will be given an opportunity to view options and vote on preferred features for the new play structure. The times for public consultation will be advertised via Newswire and displayed on the message board in front of the school.

Please refer to School Council meeting minutes for more details. Email us at should you have further questions, and to state your support for the re-build project.  

Kim Chabot & Heidi Gaiser, Council Co-Chairs