Dear Parents/ Guardians,

As we move into the month of December, just a reminder of what the Inclement Weather Protocol is, as there have been changes this year:

As per Loretta Notten’s (Director of WCDSB) letter:  “As you know – there are sometimes days in the winter when we have to cancel bussing due to the weather and unsafe driving conditions for our buses.  In the past, if roads were still passable, we would leave schools open.  On those days however, we often pooled classes based on the number of staff who fully attended and the number of students.  This year that is not possible due to our COVID cohort- related restrictions.  In consultation with the public board, with whom we share bussing, when we cancel buses, we will close schools and have a remote learning day.  We have communicated in our Wednesday announcements our expectations.  The approach will allow all students to access some learning and we will be continuing to keep one and all safe.  We realize it may not be a perfect solution and learning day, but bus snow days rarely were.”