Dear Parents/ Guardians;

We are so excited to be back at school on Monday, I just wanted to remind you of a few things:

  • COVID-19 screening for students must happen every morning before coming to school. The link is on our school and Board websites and is included here as well:
  • As soon as students arrive on school property in the morning, they need to be masked.
  • Students will now be expected to wear masks when they are outside for recesses, as the recommended physical distancing of 2 meters cannot be ensured.
  • Students will need 2 masks every day – one for inside and one for outside. Please ensure masks are washed regularly.


Valentine’s Day will be here soon! We know this is a very special day, however, due to our current situation, we will ask once again that nothing be brought into school from students’ homes. We will not be able to distribute cards, candies, etc. Teachers will be offering fun activities leading up to Valentine’s Day. On Friday, February 12th, we invite all students and staff to wear red, white or pink!

We will see you all on Monday!

G. Johnstone