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School Council October Minutes

Date: Monday October 2, 2017, 6:30 – 8:00

Location: Learning Commons

Present:   Jessica, Jazmin, Shannon, Heidi, Kim, Patti-Jo, Renny, Andreas, Dana, Patric Poulin (Teacher Rep.), Lisa Bruce (CUPE Rep.), Paul Mendonca

Regrets: Laura, Angela, Amanda, Pat

  1. Prayer: Paul
  1. Review and Approval of Agenda: Kim, Heidi
  1. Review and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting: Renny, Heidi
  1. Spiritual Update

1st Communion and Confirmation enrollments are underway through St. Agnes Parish.

  1. Review of past events
  • Open House

Food trucks – Jazmin

Café du Monde, Sub Shack, Big Jerk  Food Trucks were at the event.  Feedback from participants was that wait time was a problem (45 minutes to get a sandwich), the price was high for full meals for a family (although there was a range with lower price options), there were limited “kid friendly” options.

Considerations: Do we want to do the food trucks in the future? Make the menu smaller? Fry truck? Ice Cream truck?  Could we do a barbeque?  Catering by Remember Me Catering?  Simple catering option with maybe an ice cream truck on the side?  Beaver Tail’s for next year?  SWAT – Would they have more variety?

We need to book food trucks earlier next year (by March) to get the trucks we want.  Council to consider options and will decide at the February meeting how we want to proceed for next year’s open house.

Teachers were given a $5 credit through Council, the school will reimburse the remainder.

School Council table – Heidi

Went well, good feedback received on the post-it notes from parents and students.


  1. Upcoming events – Co-Chairs
  • Dance-A-Thon

Paul donated Siskins and Rangers tickets.  Piller’s has donated 4 Rangers tickets.  We have also received donations from Mastermind, Best Buy, the local Zehrs stores, FreshCo, J&J Toys, Kitchener Rangers.

Prize structure: for every $5 raised students get one ballot, once student raises over $40 they get 2 tickets per $5, over $80 get 4 tickets per $5.  School community has been asked to consider donating prizes.  Council agreed to purchase several of the most desirable prizes.

Prizes we may pursue (purchase or donation): Chicopee Tube park and ski passes (separate companies), galaxy cinema gift cards, Bingemans bowling, Ripley’s Aqarium, Toronto Zoo, Grand River Rocks, Funworx, iTunes cards,restaurant gift cards.

Paul agreed to include “Principal for a day” as a raffle prize.

Class wide incentive: raise $500 dollars as a class for a “Break the Rules Day”  –wear a hat, chew gum, the teacher could decide what it is.  We did a break a rule day last year –huge hit.

Laura contacted St. David’s, they can provide water bottles and lanyards for Grade 7&8’s who raise over $40.  Paul has St. Matthew ball caps we can give to any K-6 students who raise over $40.

Carlos will DJ the event.  He has asked classes to provide top 10 songs in advance.  This request will be sent to teachers, together with other info about the day, in advance by Heidi.

Kickoff assembly on Friday October 6th at 2:30.  Kim will send the slide show to Paul in advance.

Dance-a-thon on October 31 with costumes.  Prize table will be set up on October 27.  Nov 1 raffle tickets will be distributed.  Nov 3 will be the prize draws and the “break the rules” day.

Kindergarten students will start at 9:30 instead of last year’s 9:15 time.  Pre-orders for the cosmic store will be for kindergarten only and delivered to teachers the day prior.

  • Family Christmas Caroling

Christmas event for early December, options would include Caroling, sing-a-long, school choir (15 minutes).  Cookies and hot chocolate provided by Council.  Paul suggested Peter Shaw for a 1 hour performance, Paul will contact him to check availability of Dec 1, 6, 13 or 14th.

Families will be asked to contribute to school food drive and/or Christmas Toy Drive.  Any food collected to be donated to St. Vincent de Paul.  Toy drive could go to F&CS.

Patti Jo has offered to organize, together with Angela, Dana, Kim & Heidi.

  • Family Fitness Night

Chris MacKinnon –will lead a family fitness night, 1 hour in the gym. The event will be scheduled at the December meeting, to be held early 2018.


  1. New Business – Co-Chairs
  •  School Council Email Address to be created for community members to get in touch with Council. It would be administered by the Council co-chairs.  Newswire will be sent, and a link on the school website.
  • Garden Maintenance – Council to consider organizing a community work day in the spring to weed and mulch the school gardens. Ongoing maintenance would need to be addressed also.  Council to re-visit the idea at the February meeting to consider starting a garden event or program.  Paul can order mulch or supplies in advance if volunteers are able to do the work.
  • PRO Grant application made by St. Matthew Council last spring was successful. We have received a grant of $1000 for Tackling Anxiety and Stress Through Arts.  It will be a daytime program for the students, with option to extend into an evening session for parents or families at additional cost.  Dana and Paul will follow up on scheduling the event.
  • Field Trips – Parent concerns were voiced to Council members about the number and expense of field trips for some classes. Bus costs have risen.  Paul will follow up with teachers.  School offers funding for families that need assistance, contact the school.
  • Scooters at school – Paul said the school should be getting funding for more bike racks and scooter racks. Scooters are being brought into the school and causing congestion in the hallways.
  • Parking – City of Waterloo has advised the school that no parking signs are going up on the east side of Pastern Trail (opposite side from the school) in Fall 2017. Paul is following up with the City to have the “drop off zone” sign removed on the west side, as it contradicts the “no stopping” signs also in place.  Council discussed alternatives for people to get to school – drop off at pathway connections (Auburn at Crimson, Jefferson Court, Dansbury Dr), walk to school, Trailblazers program is being implemented at the school.  Encouragement of Walking Wednesdays. Can Council support Trailblazers program?  Paul will ask the School Transportation representative to attend our December meeting to discuss further.
  1. Budget Update – Denise

Current balance is General Account $2,900.

Current balance in Foundation Account is $7,100, however from this account Council has committed $2,600 for teacher classroom reimbursements, and $1000 for outdoor equipment for FDK.  Therefore $4,500 available in Foundation Account.

Total funds available is therefore $2,900 + $4,500 = $7,400.

Past year’s dance-a-thon has raised approximately $10,000 – targeting the same this year.

  1. Funding Priorities – Paul

Paul provided “wish list” items for Council’s consideration.  Funds will be allocated following receipt of proceeds from the dance-a-thon. Click on the link to see the requests.



  1. Next Meeting – Co-Chairs

Monday December 4, 2017, 6:30 -8:00, Learning Commons

  1. Agenda items for next meeting – Kim
  • School transportation
  • Funding priorities (based on proceeds of dance-a-thon)
  • Schedule Council events – PRO Grant event, Family Fitness Night.
  • February meeting: Re-visit issue of food trucks for Open House 2018, schedule Garden Work Day for spring.
  1. Adjournment: Kim, Heidi
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