Summer Expeditions

Is your child currently in Grade 6, 7 or 8…. going into Grade 7, 8 or 9 this September?  Does your child need help with reading, writing, math and technology skills?  Are there gaps in their learning due to Covid-19 school closures?  Are they losing interest in school because they just aren’t doing as well as they used to?

Explore a free, 10-day learning journey to further develop their literacy and numeracy skills:

  • Coding
  • Writer’s Craft
  • Minecraft for Education
  • MathLibs
  • Google classroom

Summer Expedition 2020 won’t be as interactive as it would be in-person, however the learning will be fun and engaging and educational. Something NEW Every Day!

SUMMER EXPEDITION will start on Monday, June 6, 2020. Please visit the link below for further information and registration. Students do not need to re-register if they have done so already.  Registration closes June 19th.