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Welcome Back and Student Drop-Off Procedures

Welcome back everyone. It’s wonderful to see all our families back and at it for another school year. This is a friendly reminder to all parents who drop off and pick up their children each day.

As always, our school parking lot is closed to anyone other than St. Matthew staff, WCDSB staff, OWL staff and OWL parents. All of the identified people have parking permits in their vehicles.

Parents who drop off their children can park on Pastern Trail, but not in front of the school, on both sides of the road. Please adhere to parking signs. Parking is also available on Jefferson Court behind the school. Parents are always encouraged to walk their children to school if at all possible. When parking on the street it is imperative that people do not park in private home owners driveways and at no time is anyone allowed to block a driveway. Thank you for your continued support in keeping our families and neighborhood safe.

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